Vocal Competitions in Europe: A Comprehensive Guide

on Jan 28, 2023 in Vocal Performances in Europe

Do you dream of using your voice to perform in the world’s biggest arenas? Are you looking for exciting vocal competitions taking place across Europe? Whether you are entering as a soloist, part of an acapella group, or competing with other ensembles and choirs, there is something for everyone. This comprehensive guide explores some of the best European vocal competitions that offer incredible performance opportunities — from international singing contests to choir races and crossing borders projects. Learn more about these amazing choral experiences below!

Vocal competitions in Europe: where to find them and how to win

Europe is the perfect place to do it if you want to show off your vocal talent. Whether you want to participate in singing competitions or music festivals, plenty of opportunities are available across the continent.


Here’s a list of some of the best vocal competitions in Europe and how you can go about taking part:

  1. Eurovision Song Contest – The biggest and most famous competition for singers in Europe, Eurovision takes place every year in a different country with entries from all over the continent. To be eligible for Eurovision, artists must submit an original song to their national broadcaster who then selects their entry on behalf of their country. The winner receives the coveted ‘Eurovision trophy’.
  2. X Factor – One of the longest-running European singing competitions, X Factor is open to singers aged 16 and above from all over the continent. Auditions take place in major European cities, and contestants are judged on their performance, song choice, and overall stage presence. The winner receives a recording contract with Sony Music.
  3. Voice of Europe – A more recent addition to the European vocal circuit, Voice of Europe is an online singing competition that’s open to both soloists and groups from around the continent. Contestants enter by submitting a video of them performing one original song and two covers (one classic and one contemporary). Winners receive cash prizes and have the chance to perform at some of the best venues in Europe.
  4. The Voice of Italy – This is another popular singing competition, open to singers from all over the world. Contestants are judged on their vocal performance and must choose a song that fits with either their own unique style or that of their coach. The winner receives a recording contract, cash prizes, and other gifts.

No matter which vocal competition you decide to enter, there are some general tips for success: practice your songs until you’re confident in them; make sure you have stage presence; pick a song that suits your voice; be prepared to take feedback from the judges; and above all, believe in yourself!

The European classical vocal awards: a celebration of the best in class

The European classical vocal awards highlight the best of emerging and established European classical singers. The awards celebrate excellence in vocal performance, from soloists and ensembles to choirs and orchestras. They are designed to reward creativity and innovation in all forms of classical singing, ranging from romantic arias to innovative adaptations of traditional pieces, and to encourage the development of new compositions.

A distinguished panel of judges is responsible for selecting the winners each year, taking into account individual vocal ability and technical skill. The awards are presented at a prestigious ceremony in an international city – often celebrating their own rich cultural heritage – with previous winners coming from cities such as Vienna, Milan, and Prague.

classical vocal

At this event, performers can showcase their vocal talents on a world stage and receive recognition for their outstanding achievements. The evening also features unique performances from some of the most exciting European artists, making it an occasion not to be missed.

The European classical vocal awards are part of a larger effort to promote and preserve European classical music, allowing talented singers from across the continent to come together and celebrate the beauty and power of this genre. With each award ceremony, we recognize that we are celebrating something truly special – a celebration of talent transcending borders and cultures.

This is why the European classical vocal awards remain one of the most prestigious events in the world for emerging and established singers alike – a vibrant platform for showcasing talent and pushing the boundaries of classical music. We are proud to be part of this ongoing celebration.

We invite you to experience the European classical vocal awards and join us in celebrating some of the best European singers! To learn more about our awards, visit our website or follow us on social media. Thank you for your interest in the European classical vocal awards – we look forward to seeing you there!