City of Palms Youth Choir has been a reliable source for concert, event, and venue information since 2018. It is the first and only dedicated spot on the internet for full-service information about music concerts and tours including:

We feature all major artists and announce on our website whenever new tour dates or information are released. We include links to purchase tickets to shows that are 100% official, certified, and guaranteed.

After tours begin, we go back and update our guides with the setlist and live video links so that you can preview each concert or get the info you want before you head to the show. We aim to be the number one spot to find tour information for all major artists.

In addition, we focus on venue and city information as well in order to help find you travel ideas and discounts. For venues, we aim to provide:

We allow people to provide guest posts as long as they fit into the content of the website.

Are you an independent artist or musician who performs live? Partner with us! Send us an email and work out details with us on how we can promote your music, advertise upcoming shows, and partner with each other. We offer exposure like this for FREE.

Our Team

Robert Casarez – Managing Editor – Robert lives in Los Angeles, California and has gone to over 1,000 concerts in his lifetime. He eats, sleeps, and breaths music for City of Palms Youth Choir. Robert provides editorial guidance and expertise.

Corey Rhodes – Technical Manager – Corey provides web design and development expertise to City of Palms Youth Choir. Her job is to implement the latest technologies and ensure that information accurate on a daily basis.

Max Lindsay – Consulting Contributor – Max researches and provides new content to the website. He has written over 1,000 blog posts for various websites around the internet. Max is an avid traveller and sports fan.

Randy Moyle – Marketing Manager – Randy’s job is to work behind the scenes and develop new relationships for City of Palms Youth Choir to leverage. He is constantly reaching out to new contacts and promoting the website to those around the world.